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Quickly learned and easy to use

Copen SuperTuning identifies energetic imbalances and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit of your patients through the basic rhythms of the universe. The holistic, regulative and painless method can be used regardless of the patient’s gender, age and health condition – for a life in balance.

Das System ist als Add-on zu bestehenden Copen-Systemen (ScopeQ oder Scope) oder als Stand-alone-Lösung erhältlich.

Die Einzellösung besteht aus den folgenden Komponenten:

SuperTuning Software

Die bequeme und intuitive Software, die auf jedem Standard-PC (Windows) oder Laptop läuft. Nach dem Kauf kann die SuperTuning-Software einfach per Download oder CD installiert und direkt genutzt werden.

Der Kauf beinhaltet eine persönliche Installationshilfe und Einweisung in die Bedienung, sowie 3 Monate inhaltlichen und technischen Support. Diese Leistungen erbringen wir für Sie bequem per Fernwartung (Zoom/Teamviewer).

ScopeQ Steuergerät

Das ScopeQ-Steuergerät mit den Handapplikatoren. (nicht erforderlich für die Add-on-Lösung).


Die USB-gesteuerte ColorLab High Power LED mit präzise kalibrierten automatischen SuperTuning-Farbfrequenzen zur Übertragung der Lichtfrequenzen.


Das SuperTuning Soundmodul (optional), mit Übertragung der individuell ermittelten Frequenzen als Töne nach dem HemiSync-Verfahren zur weiteren Unterstützung.


die SuperTuning-Essenzen (fakultativ), zum Stempeln von individualisierten SuperTuning-Essenzen.

In our understanding, every biological system is controlled by a number of precisely defined control frequencies. We call these variables “supertunes”. They form an indispensable health matrix for the healthy organism, against which the body constantly aligns itself. The supertunes can be traced back to the movements of the planets of our solar system. These are basic rhythms which have their origin in the rotations of the celestial bodies. Each of these rhythms has its own, exactly determinable frequency. The frequency values can be calculated mathematically (by octavation) and find expression in the SuperTuning process as correspondingly assigned complementary colors and tones.

frequency carpet

If one imagines these frequencies of these “planetary, mechanical oscillators” as infinite-colored lines – with each frequency being assigned its own color – then the result is a densely woven three-dimensional frequency carpet that runs through the universe; where frequencies overlap, it is denser, in other places it is less dense. We call this natural frequency carpet the “SuperTuning Matrix”.

TheSuperTuning software requires a Windows operating system in any case. The software is available in German, English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.


You can use the SuperTuning Software on any computer or laptop with the requirements listed below. To work optimally with a SuperTuning system, we recommend a device with the features below.


You love your Apple? The SuperTuning software runs smoothly with the Intel Mac generation with Boot Camp and the Windows operating system.

Important note: Please note that the new generation iMacs/MacBooks with M1 processors no longer offer the above option. The Windows version available for these devices with Parallels is severely limited and not suitable for the SuperTuning software!

Please note that a stable internet connection is required for installation and configuration. You can get the software by logging in to our website in the “Service” section.

A Computer must meet the following requirements to run the SuperTuning Software:

Copen SuperTuning

Minimum requirements:

We recommend:

Operating system

Windows 7® or higher

Windows 10 Pro®


min. 2 GHz, 32-Bit (x86)

i5 processor


min. 1,5 GB

min. 4 GB

Hard disk

2 GB free dis space� 

min. 256 GB

Screen resolution

min. 1280 x 1024 pixel

1920 x 1080 pixel

Graphic card

3D graphic card with min. 256 MB onboard memory

3D graphic card with 512 MB onboard memory

LAN port

When used as an add-on to the Scope system or as a substitute, another USB port

USB port

min. 2 free USB 2.0 ports for the control unit and the ColorLab, possibly 3 when connecting the Scope control unit via USB *


Jack socket for headphone connection


PC keyboard, mouse or touch screen

CD/DVD drive


Helpful but not essential

* When using a USB hub, please ensure that it has its own power supply (self-powered / active hub). Passive hubs without an own power supply are not suitable.

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