Copen Scope / Mars III

Fast – Extensive – Expandable

Fit for all demands.

The Copen Scope is recommended for all therapists who want to study QuantumResponse® technology in depth. These can be already experienced therapists, but also determined beginners who have higher demands on the system’s performance right from the start.

Copen Scope

The proven system consists of the following two components:

Scope software

The software that runs on any off-the-shelf (Windows) PC or laptop. The Scope software can be easily installed and used directly after purchase.

The purchase includes personal installation help and instruction in operation, as well as 3 months of content and technical support. We provide these services for you conveniently via remote maintenance (Zoom/Teamviewer).

Mars III control unit

The control unit with the hand applicators and integrated EECS chip card reader/writer.

Dimensions control unit:

(L x B x H) ca. 36 x 27,5 x 10,5 cm
Weight: ca. 2400 gr


Integrated chip card reader/writer (EECS) on the front panel

Connection sockets for mains plug, computer, hand applicators, foot switch (optional), RemedyPrinter (optional) and SuperTuning module (optional) on the rear of the device

The Copen Scope system is expandable with the Copen SuperTuning module.

Copen Scope

The database module contains over 60,000 stored rates (frequency reference patterns) of different preparations, substances and topics. In addition, you have the option of creating any number of your own categories, reading rates into the database yourself and exporting them. All rates can also be used as a virtual test set for radesthetic, kinesiological, RAC, EAV and other tests.

The scan module analyzes the interactions of energy and information levels and reveals the energetic connections that can be causative for disorders of well-being.

It gives answers to the questions:

The integrated color-tone module (Color Tuning) helps to find energetic blockages related to the chakras.

With the help of the balancing module, these blockages can then be released and missing information applied. Disturbed connections are harmonized and brought back into a regulated energy flow. The found imbalances are thus balanced.

The reporting module supports you in data evaluation and contains various predefined reports with integrated logical data structure, which you can customize individually. Likewise, you have the possibility to create your own evaluations and reports.

The Scope system can be optionally supplemented with the SuperTuning module.

Our systems work according to quantum and information medicine principles.

Quantum medicine considers every biological system basically on 3 levels: On the material, the energetic and the informational level.

For our technology the so-called morphogenetic fields (according to Dr. R. Sheldrake) or control fields are relevant, which form the information level. According to our understanding, these morphogenetic fields take over essential control functions in the organism – if these are disturbed or blocked, the system gets out of balance, the normally harmoniously running processes do not work anymore or do not work correctly. As a further consequence, pathological symptoms arise.

Using quantum effects, Bruce Copen Laboratories’ devices scan these control fields of a biological system (person, animal, substance, etc.) and, through the resonance phenomenon, determine where imbalances are located in the energy system of the biological system in question. The required analyzed frequency reference patterns can then be fed back into the energy field of the biological system as an isophatic stimulus.

With the Copen Scope you have the additional possibility to import information patterns of substances into the database yourself and to imprint frequencies in any potency from the database onto carrier substances.

Upon input, the information patterns of a substance located in the input cup of the Copen Scope are recorded and stored in the database.

The recorded frequency can be modulated and its homeopathic potency changed as needed.

The information patterns of existing medications, test kits, etc. can be potentiated as desired, which opens up completely new possibilities, especially in the case of detoxification therapy.

During output, the information patterns already stored in the database are imprinted on any carrier material (unmedicated neutral globules, memory cards, etc.).

The� Scope Software requires a Windows operating system in any case. The software is available in English, German and Spanish.

Please note that a stable internet connection is required for installation and configuration. The software and an unlock code for your device can be obtained by logging in to our website in the “Service” section.


You can use the Scope software on any computer or laptop with the requirements listed below. To work optimally with a Scope system, we recommend a device with the requirements below.


You love your Apple? The Intel Mac generation can run the Windows operating system with a virtual machine, e.g., with Parallels, VMWare or Boot Camp. This means that the Scope software also runs on your Mac without any problems.

Important note: Please note that the new generation iMacs/MacBooks with M1 processors no longer offer the above option. The Windows version available for these devices with Parallels is severely limited and not suitable for the Scope software!

A computer must meet the following requirements to run the Scope software:

Copen Scope

Minimum requirements:

We recommend:

Operating System

Windows 7® or higher

Windows 10 Pro®


min. 1 GHz, 32-Bit (x86)

i5 processor


min. 1,5 GB

min. 4 GB

Hard disk

250 MB free disk space� 

min. 256 GB

Screen resolution

min. 1280 x 1024 Pixel

1920 x 1080 Pixel

LAN port

for the control unit or alternatively 1 free USB 2.0 port

USB port

If necessary, 1 free USB 2.0 port for the control unit, if the SuperTuning module

is also used, 2 free USB 2.0 ports (control unit and lamp) *.


PC keyboard, mouse or touch screen

CD/DVD drive


Helpful but not essential

* When using a USB hub, please ensure that it has its own power supply (self-powered / active hub). Passive hubs without an own power supply are not suitable.

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